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A Clean Plutio with CSS Variables

by | Plutio Guides

Sometimes, less is more…

Just occasionally, there’s a need for less purple. It’s crazy, I know, but not everyone wants an interface as purple as us!

I recently had a requst from a co-worker to make Plutio look less purple and more clean white with a teal highlight. I acquiesced, since I’m a great boss, but knew that I’d soon be hankering for that purple to come back.

So what I built was a nice clean and light plutio skin that has a highlight colour defined on the first line of code. Changing this variable at the top will change the colour of all the items in Plutio that have a highlight in one hit. All those tick boxes, buttons, task boxes etc.

I also added some transparency to the left menu that only appears when you hover over it. The project custom colour highlights also only appear on hover. Much cleaner and lighter.

Installing the skin

You might have seen the recent blog post that walks you through the process of using custom CSS with Plutio. If not, head over and read that first!

Once you’re set up to use custom CSS with your Plutio, then all you need to do to use this skin is simply copy and paste the CSS from this file into your Cloudflare CSS app.

You’ll notice the CSS variable at the top of that file. This is where you can change the highlight colour for the skin to match your preference (Purple!):

:root { –main-highlight-color: #02c0ce;}

And that’s it! Your Plutio is clean. 

Managed Hosting Simplified

The Plutio Widgets app and this WordPress website are hosted on Google and Digital Ocean cloud servers. We don’t need to be server geeks though, because we run it all through Cloudways Managed hosting which gives us a point and click control panel for our fancy cloud servers.

All the power, none of the hassle! Check Cloudways out here – we love it!

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